Welcome! Its October 6th and that means another Share Six blog circle is up!

October! How on earth did that happen, I feel like September has just up and passed me by in the blink of any eye! Its nearly half term here and I am looking forward to some quality family time, something I have really missed since the kids returned to school, although, I am glad at the moment anyway, that they are still able to be there. Covid is rising again here, so, we will see what that all that brings this winter, I don't think we are going to fair that well, but I hope I am wrong.

Anyway enough doom and gloom for now, this month the theme is BOOKS! Oh how I adore to read, that pure escapism a book brings, I just love it, my absolute favourite past-time.

These images brought me so much joy, I happened upon my daughter reading in our bedroom, so I ran and grabbed my camera, she looks so relaxed, contented and absorbed.

This quote just sums up what books mean to me:

'Once you learn to read, you will be forever free' ~

Frederick Douglass

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