Its the 6th of the month and that means a new blog circle from the ladies at Share Six, its a privilege to see what they share every month, each so diverse in what they write about and the types of images they share. This month the chosen theme is - Flat lay.

Flat lay photography is shooting a variety of items all laid out on a flat surface — from above.

It creates a bird’s eye view of a still life — and often one that has been carefully constructed to give a sense of balance.

This type of photography has become incredibly popular, particularly on social media, and you’ll find it used on everything from Instagram to corporate websites to personal blogs.

These photographs are like mood boards, creating a portrait of a person through their belongings, inspiring a vibe or an emotion about an activity, or building a brand around a product — all achieved through props that tie together.

When it comes to flat lay photos, the only limits are your imagination!

I chose a spring like vibe for my images, that had a tranquil feel, I hope you enjoy them.

I look forward to seeing what the share six community comes up with this month.

Until next time!

Lynne x

I am part of a group of photographers, Share Six, who blog 6 images on the 6th of each month with unique monthly themes. Please click HERE for the extremely talented Sharleen Stuart's interpretation of this months theme. Then, follow around the blog circle for a whole lot more talent and inspiration!


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