Its the 6th of the month and that means a new blog circle from the blog contributors at Share Six, its a privilege to see what they share every month, each so diverse in what they write about and the types of images they share. This month the chosen theme is - Macro, one we have done before a while ago, but such a great topic and one I really enjoy, although don't often get a chance to shoot. I was excited to see the cherry blossom in my area was just starting to bloom and used that as my subject, its so pretty and I enjoy shooting it every year as its my most favourite time of the year. I used my trusty lensbahy velvet which is a 2:1 macro lens and my lensbaby sol with an extension tube.

So what actually is macro photography you ask!? Macro photos are images in which the magnification of the subject is life size or greater. Macro photography is often used to describe images where there is a slightly larger subject and all the traits of extreme close up photography are present – focusing on the detail to achieve a dramatic effect.  It’s all about showing something small much larger than it is in real life – an extreme close-up of something like an insect, flower or food.  

Macro and close-up photos allow us to view these subjects from a new perspective. They unlock details which are hard or impossible to see otherwise.

'The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them...' ~ Paulo Coclho.

Until next time

Lynne x

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